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Cloud Storage

Business class cloud computing for anyone

Cloud Storage from AR Creative is about meeting your business needs for safe and reliable cloud technology through a secure and adaptive environment meant to scale with your business.

If you think having greater agility and flexibility, lower upfront investment and improved data security will help your business grow, then call us today.

Cloud Storage from AR Creative allows you to keep all your vital business data assets on remote servers you can access from anywhere in the world, on most devices.

The right solution, whatever the problem

Providing you with a choice of cloud technology services you can adapt at anytime will help to protect your business from catastrophic data loss with the most secure cloud platforms available.


What you need, how you want it

With our cloud server technology we will custom build exactly what you need so you only pay for what you want. Choose from a choice of operating system, number of vCPUs from 4 to 16, RAM specifications and storage space.

Cloud Computing for You

  • Lower capital costs
  • Flexibility in service delivery
  • Scalable technology to meet your changing needs
  • Greater agility to maximise opportunities
  • Increased security for company data and applications
  • Choose your CPU’s
  • Set Your RAM
  • Decide how much storage space

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