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What’s So Important About Branding

Many small and new businesses often don’t see the importance behind branding, or the critical importance of a good Brand Strategy. Many often think a Brand is just a logo, or a nice business card.

No matter what industry you work in, being successful as a business requires a few simple things:

  • Customers being pleased they bought from you
  • Customers saying nice things about you
  • New customers need to find you

And that’s where your Brand Strategy becomes so important.

A good brand will focus on every part of the customer experience, from what message the logo represents to how you and your staff interact with the customer. It will inspire customers on an emotional level to want your products or services; to need you above all other providers.

We live in a world of brands, we see them, touch them, wear them, eat and drink them; talk about them almost from the moment we wake up, to when we go to bed. Brands permeate every element of our daily lives and if you’re newly setting up, or looking to expand, its time to take your brand seriously.


Here are a few good reasons why you should pay attention to your brand identity.

Be Seen Against the Competition

Your brand needs to help you stand out from the crowd. Whatever industry you work in, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of existing service providers already operating. Your brand should help clients clearly identify you from the others around.


Being Recognised

Consumer trends indicate that most people will buy from the same provider. There is comfort in buying from a brand you know and are familiar with. People are Apple iPhone Fans, others are Samsung fans, and typically they stay with that company. Your brand should be easily recognisable, and fulfil that need for familiarity.


Clarity and Transparency

Consumers what to know about you and what you are like as a business. They don’t what to read your history. Your brand identity should be able to convey these messages in a simple and unique way; being clear about your business ethics, and transparent about what customers can expect from you.


Get More Business

Here’s a hard fact; Strong brands lead to customer referrals. When a customer has a really good experience with a brand, they will tell others. Moreover, they will usually tell someone who is actively looking for the same or similar product. Having a strong brand means you are more likely to tap into this viral marketing.


Adding Value to Your Business

A strong brand will gain value outside of it’s physical assets. Value that is based your product or service’s demand. The more people that want you, the value your brand, and your business gains. A recent article puts Apple and Google as the worlds two most valuable brands. Value based on the demand for their products and services, which far out-weighs their physical assets.


Keeping Focused

In new businesses it’s very easy to get swayed from idea to idea, and without a good brand strategy to guide you, it’s very easy to get lost. Businesses can often fail when they loose a sense of what they were set up to achieve. A good brand will help everyone stay focused on the original mission statement, and guide it to achieving its goals.


Staff Motivation

If you have build a strong brand strategy it will provide a sense of direction and motivation for you and your staff. It helps to identify their position within the business, and unifies teams under your brand strategy. People perform better at work when their role is built on a sense of belonging, satisfaction and direction.


So why is branding important?

Branding is about conveying your business Idea. An idea that not only represents your business, but encompasses every part of it. An idea that business leaders strive to maintain, and its employees work towards. It’s the Idea that inspires consumers and drives brand equity.

Marketing News / 06-10-15

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What’s So Important About Branding

Many small and new businesses often don’t see the importance behind branding, or the critical importance of a good Brand...

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